You are about to profess your deep love to each other in front of your closest friends and family as well as make a lifelong commitment to each other.  Your ceremony should reflect not only who you are, but the words themselves should resonate within your hearts forever.  


We recognize that every couple is unique and their friends and family are no exception.  Our goal in writing your ceremony is to harmoniously blend individual beliefs in such a way that it embraces both of you while leaving a lasting impression for your guests.

A large number of couples today prefer to have their ceremony in a "non-traditional" location such as a park, by the lake, in their own backyard, a banquet hall, boat, or even on a roller coaster!  While we embrace the Church and Christian values, couples that do not belong to a congregation or wish to marry outside the Church need to find an alternative...and that alternative is what makes your wedding unique.  

Our ceremonies are written with the couple in mind.  Based on the preferences and any special requests that you indicate on your contract with us,   Reverend Gina will write your ceremony from start to finish and provide you with a copy by email to preview before your wedding.  Some of our packages allow you to modify the ceremony that is written so that you can add your own special vows to each other, or include a bit more information about yourselves for your guests.  


We have performed hundreds of ceremonies in many unique and different locations, and have also dealt with many unique and different situations.  With over 40 years of combined experience, you get peace of mind knowing that your ceremony will be one that will be remembered for a lifetime.