We have always believed that a traditional marriage is the backbone of society and should be entered into with great reverence.  We have joined hundreds of couples in marriage since 2000 and many families often come back to us to marry another child, sibling, relative or friend.

We do not require that you are of a specific religious denomination or any at all.

We do not have any 'hidden' fees, and most of all, your wedding day is just as important to us as it is to you and we want to make sure that it is exactly what you expect.  It is an honor for us to perform ceremonies because you are asking us to be a part of the most special day in your life.  Big, or, small, traditional or non, from the upper peninsula to the southern borders and everything in between, we will come to you and perform a ceremony that fits you both.

The wonderful thing about hiring a husband / wife team is that when our schedules allow, both of us will be present the day of your wedding which gives you peace of mind knowing there are two of us to ensure that your ceremony is perfect!  When both of us are present for your rehearsal and/or ceremony, the 'extra' person will gladly assist with the coordination of the wedding party for the processional and other minor details to help keep things going smoothly for you. 


During the most poplar months of the year, we do tend to have separate schedules, however, if you absolutely must have both of us there and you are booking far enough in advance, we will specifically block your date and time frame to allow us to both be there for an additional fee.  Essentially, you would be booking an officiant AND a day of Event Coordinator.  Rev. Gina typically takes on the role of Event Coordinator in these instances simply because she is a certified event planner.


If you already have an event planner or there is an onsite coordinator at your ceremony venue, we will gladly work along side them to make sure that as a team, we are providing you with the best possible service.

Some couples think they will 'save money' by having a friend or family member get ordained online.  If budget is an issue, find another area of the wedding day to cut back on.  Not all online ordinations are legally recognized or even legitimate.  Family, friends, coworkers may initially be enthusiastic about performing your ceremony but more often than not, as your moment draws closer they tend to get cold feet.


The officiant, after all, must stand before dozens or even hundreds of people they may or may not know and speak clearly, loudly, and KNOW how to conduct the ceremony from the seating of the first guest to the signing of the marriage license.  Although no officiant is perfect, many mistakes could be costly to fix or leave a not so memorable impression on your wedding day.  Why risk your special moment?  Hire a professional and your money will be well spent.

The Officiant (Minister) is the most important individual required on your wedding day.  Whether the Officiant is an active minister to a congretation or an independent Officiant, this person is providing you with a LEGAL service.  Just as an attorney has fees for their time, so does your Officiant.  Their services are far more than just a 20 minute ceremony.


In Michigan, the law requires that a minister of the Gospel solemnizes marriages conducted in this State unless you wish to have an authorized Government Official such as a judge, magistrate or county clerk.


Ohio requires that all ministers are registered with the DMV and obtain a license from that State.


We are legally recognized in Michigan and licensed in Ohio to perform wedding ceremonies.  There are also many other states that we can legally perform ceremonies in for those wishing to have a destination wedding and bring us along.

Aside from a judge, magistrate or county clerk, a minister is the only non-government entity legally authorized to solemnize a marriage.  You will need an independent, legally ordained minister recognized by the State that will travel to where ever you choose to have your wedding ceremony.

This is where we step in to make your special day as memorable as it can be.  Do not trust your wedding ceremony to someone with no experience or recommendations.  You CANNOT redo your wedding day.

Without fail, every year we get dozens of calls from frantic couples just a few months or many times a few days before the wedding.  We hear about the officiant that wanted all of the money up front 8 months ago and now that person cannot be found or will not answer emails / phone calls.  We are told many times about how 'my friend'', or 'a family member' said they would do my wedding for free and they could get ordained online...(and they have never performed a wedding ceremony in their entire lives) and now they are backing out because they are too nervous, etc.  Don't let this happen to you.  


We have even been guests at weddings which were held in Churches or other locations where the officiant actually made numerous mistakes during the course of the ceremony...so much so that we both had to grip the pews to keep from rescueing the couple from the catastrophe that was transpiring before us.


Actually, many of these 'one time officiants' are suddenly hit with a major case of anxiety once your big day arrives and you can hear the nervousness in their voices, they misread lines, and the ceremony is definately quite memorable...in the wrong way.  But hey, he/she did it for free right?  What is your wedding ceremony worth to you?